ive got this achivo need TEAM

   stay w/ the team down enemy let leader get 10 till everyone has the achivo


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Easier said then done

unless you're good which i am

Lol, so you are so good you can get 10 kills after the leader is dead and you have two kills? Things just dont work out so smoothly most of the time. 5 of us played for an hour and 45 minutes and we only got 2 of us the achievement. Strange things just happen.

If you're so good, then get it legit.

i cant give you gears playing noobs the ability to communicate and play for the achievement because the goal is to win which differs from what im trying to do

This was pretty easy to get.  The people who play this game type the most are noobs.  Get a retro out and wait for the losers to rush you.  Its so funny seeing them go 2 to 3 at a time trying to kill you but just failing bad.  If you have a friend to help down them even easier.  You dont need a team for this

I got it on Raven Down

the hardest part about this achievement is the other leader not dying b4 u get enough kills was so close so many times then i got lucky and got put in a match with 3 others 2 on each side which seems ideal we all helped each other get this. people who say they got this legit just got lucky as like i said staying alive is the easy part the other leader not dying is what makes this 1 hard