ive got a stalker

I got one of thoes kids!!

I talked to his dad over chat because it was gonna be eaiser and so the dad friended my account just to chat (I let him) then his son got on a wanted to play, no harm just wanted to play blops. his sone added me on his account and the father unfriended me.but now he will not leave me alone. he has asked me to quit my clan and join his and play with him every day and introduces me to his friends it's freaking weird


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Have you made appropriate use of block and such?

Uhhh just block him?

I've got a stalker(s) too but they're just 1 starring my posts, no matter the topic...even here in this forum. No messages, just following my posts. It's nice to be loved!

I say you invited this when you shared your GT with his dad.  Not that it's a huge deal, it's just easily avoidable.  Ease of use can have a way of biting you.  I take it you were logged into messenger via your console?

I had this happen at the start of the program.  I ended up blocking the tag in question and now just tell people my list is full but thanks for the offer.

@onyx good idea

@cryis I agree to a degree . it was easier but i did need to look at my console to help walk him through the steps I was telling him. the father was not the problem it's the kid. LOL

@ chickin  i'll start 5 staring everything you post to make up for it :)

@thanks xbox dude was not aware of that feature (*sarcasm*)

he linked his facebook and tried to friend me over that as well that was this morning when I got a little weirded out and blocked him.

You wont only have one Throttle :P.
If you ever feel like your being watched then its likely you are bwahaha! (evil laugh & looks left and right in a shifty manner while stroking a white cat).

On topic though, I have never added someone from the chat to my FL. I'm not sure why though tbh!. But after reading this it seemed like a good call.;). And the rating posts poorly seems to be an epidemic I was having the same problem but it seems to have stopped for a time.

look @gray I know you have secret closet dreams about me but man for real my wife is getting a little creeped out LOL jk

Im not adding anyone anymore

Haha class :).....
Don't blame you throttle after that experience.