It's Not Easty Beating Green

I recently grabbed all the expansions for this and have gone back to playing.


I collected comic books as a University Student so I coudn't afford to collect Magic cards as well.


I know it's a brilliant game but I'm not that brilliant at it.


Now I'm at the bit where I've got to fight Treebeard (you know who I mean, first green guy).


I think I have every basic deck apart from Black.


What's the best deck to go up against him with?


It always starts well and then I get trampled.


Should I fight fire with fire and go green, hoping to get lucky?






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If you grabbed all the decks then just breeze through the entire single player with Elves. However if you want to play more defensive (new players tend too) then go with white/blue jace deck, cant remember the name right now but the strategy is to sit back, set up your defense, counter your oppenents big stuff, then let them mill their entire library away. Though having the entire deck unlocked is very helpfull.

Elves are the best against mono green. Elvish Champion will do the job

You can use mono white as well.

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haha green is nothing :P so many decks destroy it blue decks for countering sprees, vampire deck for quick destruction, soldier deck for insanely strong creatures, but ya elves work well too, remember greens major weakness is there are no kill cards or damage cards