Its just sad how terrible this game is

It boogles the mind how gears 2 got good review scores when it came out like 9 out of 10 etc. Clearly the reviewers were paid off or extreme xbox 360 fanboys. The single player was good but the MP was and still is broken. The only reason I bother playing it is to pass the time before gears 3.  The reason I made this topic is to vent mostly. All day today during my matches with friends in gears 2 we had to deal with the massive bullsh!t in this game.  Host advantage ( we don't like it in general and tell the other team if we do have host)  just the other inconsistent stuff in this game like hit detection, glitchers, wall bouncers, retarded but overpowered bots etc  Ugh 

Then the community for gears 2 don't make matters any better with the constant host advantage or teams that bridge that game so they always have host. I hate people that act like they have skill or are good at the game and trash talk in the post game lobby when they clearly had host.   Glitchers are are out of control now mostly in the social play list but there are a good amount in ranked.  And people that freaking wall bounce are annoying too.  I am a decent gears player and I been playing since gears 1. It just that gears 2 pissed me off more than any game I ever played in my life. Gears 3 needs to get here like NOW. I am tired of this bullsh!t game.  Anyone else agree?


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Multiplayer dOes suck *** to the extreme, except for horde, Gears 3 is going to be legendary!!

Yeah I suck at MP. Horde is where it's at.

Yea horde is pretty good. But the MP is just an annoying mess.

Very few people are going to win more games or have a better k/d when Gears 3 drops.  Everybody will have a better connection, not just you.  Just have to practice and get better.

The only one I play now is Horde on Social, I was using Live for it but got pissed off at people leaving, and found social much better having downloaded the extra maps.

As for team deathmatch, I only played it twice, I died and have to wait until a new round, how the hell am I suppose to practice?!

thats execution, one life you die your out for that round, if you want to get better play annex,

the game got 9/10's because when you could get decent matches there was  lot of fun and it had major improvements over the 1st Gears(other then MP)

plus it basically started the whole fight wave after wave of enemies with Horde.

also anyone can wallbounce OP so just learn that. But i also agree with the community being s***,

The game got a 9/10 because they base everything mostly on Single Player it seems like and what 1 day of multiplayer? No one knew any glitches, or ways to **** people off like bridging host and stuff. Host advantage is pretty dumb but you just need to play more defensive like lancer the hell out of the host down.  Wallbouncing is good and I do it but those B Bashing Pricks stop your bouncing completely unless they miss so yeah its not all the bad.

If you want a better experience you need to play and find friends who are good and can use teamwork to advance. Horde is by far the best and most popular Multiplayer on Gears 2. I'm a level 89 ranked player and I've only been playing for 5 months on Horde. I've been taking advantage of the XP weekends and have gotten quite good at Gears. If you are looking for a good and mature player to hook up with then let me know and I'd be happy to play a few rounds with you and I'm sure my teammates woulddn't mind either.

I am a diehard gears of war fan who was originally introduced during my Call of Duty phase...  Without ever playing Gears 1 I was immediately hooked to the style, gore, and intensity... Overtime playing matches on different connections over multiplayer has proved to me that their MP format is lacking consistency... One match will run smooth and shots will land, while the next match it only takes one shot will down you while it takes 4-5 to down the opposing team members... This game isnt broken, its "INCOMPLETE!".   It's clear as day that epic didn't care enough about their MP mode as much as their campaign when the title was released and it shows through the host advantage, hit detection, and LAG.   As bad as the multiplayer experience is, I've put down COD completely and put all of my game time into annex.  Just like an abusive relationship, no matter how bad it treats me, I KEEP coming back for more!  

On a positive note the BETA seems like the true gears of war experience that we've all been waiting for since part 1 and 2...  Coming from an old COD fanatic, I truly believe that gears of war 3 will have what it takes to quite possibly be the "best shooter of ALL TIME!"

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"Gotta love all of those fake K-to-D ratios that these bums hold, you aint nice... I could have a 3.0 too if i left every game that didn't go my way - I will flatline YOU and your HOST"

I love that the gears of war one shotgun mechanics return for gears 3. Shotgun in gears 2 is too inconsistent.

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