Its been almost 6 months... should I start over?

I haven't played the game since about November.  I was only 15 hours into it, so not very far.  Probably have to relearn everything...  Think it would be best to start over??  Especially with the patches and updates.


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Start Over.  I did and I'm lovin' it.

15 hours played 4 months ago. You've probably forgotten most of what you did back then. And, there have been several game updates and XBL updates since then. Yeah, update your XBox360 and your Skyrim and start a new game.  Have fun!

Shoot, I've played this game almost daily since it's launch and I've restarted a minimum of 5-6 times lol. I recently started a pure sneak/archer/pickpocket character and it's sooooo much fun.

I think you may enjoy starting out with a new character. Give it a shot.  :)

Thanks for the info!!  SO many games are sitting in the cases still.. unopened.  Its my ADD, I might finish ME3 first before diving back into Skyrim.  Since I know I'll almost never play anything else after that!