It's been a while Halo Reach forums..

i've been on forums hiatus since June 10th. 

What i miss? Did we discontinue Xbox Halo Forums game night?

But yea, to those who are new to this.

A little introduction:

Hello, I'm Revive Society

Unofficial Halo Ambassador.

Been a regular here for a while now.


But straight back to buisness..

What's the news? :D



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Why were you on hiatus from the forums?

I'm still better than 100% of everyone on these forums.

[quote user="SpeedyBlueDude"]I'm still better than 100% of everyone on these forums.[/quote]You be crazy.


Anyway, welcome back, Revive.

all the cool people left a long time ago =(

I'm still here, Drag. Your statement is invalid =P

Well, welcome back Revive, I partially agree with Drzg, we haven't seen Strunky or Zoe here for a while.

Strunky was definitely one of the cooler people around. Worthwhile contributor, mature person to talk to and just generally a cool dude. Zoe, well, I'm sure someone liked her.


And Drzg, you're still here. Have some faith [:P]. I still have a few more I like/respect/so on here, though you are right and many people have indeed moved on.


I do have a question, though. Why exactly are you an 'unofficial Halo Ambassador'?

@Speedy: Heh, typical luis..You play more black ops than you shouls. But no ones here to judge lol

@ChainSmookingBob: I see promise in the halo community,

therefore i have been helping randoms complete campaign on legendary.

Just, everyone who needs help understanding/playing, i can offer my help to the best of my abilities

@Noble29: School. That is all. xD

@Haraki NInja: I've seen her on seperate occasions,

so my best guess is maybe network complications or even (god forbid) a "downed" xbox.

@Drzg: I concur, there is promise. We just need to be the forums we once were.

@Fullmetal: Ditto, it's good to be back. Ready for duty.