Items needing to be addressed

Starting off, love the game, ***  it's not ready to play with my friends day be constructive on what fixes are needed.  Seen many and since EA's wonky e-mail verification hasn't worked after 9 attempts, I'm posting here;

1)  Mortar Invunerablity;

You can't stab the dude on the who's using the mortar from behind.  Add in that the knife now has reload time, they have plenty of time to get out of it and drop you. 

2) Flash Light during day

Pretty simple...when your eyes already adjusted to sun/day light....yeah.....and did I mention soldiers with eye protection?! 

3) Bigger Squad

simple, I have more than 3 friends I want to play with

4) Spawn's

Caspain Border, yesterday, defending, last base;  selected defender base 7 times in a row and was instantly killed.  why is the base spawn in the front left corner, call it 10 o'clock, right where the enemy is going to be pouring in over the hills?  Terahan Highway's last spawn puts you at 7 o'clock behind your base, it take several moments to collect yourself and figure out, where the heck you are.  Same with Damavand Peak's first spawn....why so far behind it? 

5) Quick match Hard Core...


anyways, enjoying, but it "can" be better


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Just fix the getting into games with parties. BF3 plays good enough for me.

Play is good, items are in need of addressing!!

fix hardcore servers, fix hardcore's squad spawning, fix random lag, fix squad systems in general. I love this game with the burning passion but really DICE fix your crap.

Once you set up your search settings (the page where you have to click your right thumbstick),  turn on Hardcore and turn off Core, exit out and try a quickmatch, your settings should be kept and used as your quickmatch search settings (it's worked for me, I'm not sure if it was luck).

done that, Way, talking bout non lag/connection's out there

I was just helping with number 5 on your list, the rest of it I have no control over :)