Items missing from storage

Yesterday I put all my VeRy best items in storage and I go to add something today and notice I have NOTHING in storage! I checked both places to be sure. Has this happened to any one else?

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Thanks for your feedback :)

Hmm..not using cloud that I know of. Not even sure what that is on Xbox. I think that's what my iPhone uses to store stuff? My Xbox no though. :(

Guess I am just out of luck. No fun not having good guns and to fight guys at your level with the white level guns but I will just have to work my way up again. I also liked the skins and head I lost lol ughhhhhh

If your using cloud storage for your character saves that could be the problem but I'm not sure I never used it, I never trusted my save files on a server.

All the stuff I put in storage was a higher level than I was at the time I stored them. They were worth a lot so I am just really disappointed. :(

Now instead of pink level guns I have to buy green or white at my level.

I cant say with any certaintity, but i started the mechro and went to pull all of my less than lvl 20 items (including a lvl 1 legendary hornet) and they are all gone. I have 4 different mules so I dont know if I deleted something but a lot of my stuff is gone