It's gorgeous.

You can smell the smoke and feel the dirt, people are filthy, the rivers pristine and you can hear for miles.


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do you play it form HDD or Disk?

Disc at present, probably load it up later. Loading times seem fair so far.

guess ill play it of the disk too. Till they patch the Texture issue

Must try "raise zombie" (I think it's called?).

Come across a group of baddies, sneak and stalk to kill one, loot everything, raise them from the dead and send them into battle for you in their undies.

I laughed meself out of me chair.

The women wear hot little pantys and bras for the times let me tell you.

Something hot about a zombie girl swinging a sword on your behalf in her pantys and bra.

Dusty Arne, I've read the Bethesda already commented that uploading the game will not damage the game

Necromancy :P That was my main complaint about Oblivion. Necromancy was very limited.

the texture issue is actually to do with opening the menu, where it blurs the screen sometimes it sticks. apparently its nothing to do with installing, but it runs just fine off the disc, quick load times, ect.