It was only a matter of time.(game freezes)

Yes, the dreaded bethsada game freezes are still here. My game froze right in the middle of a boss fight..........great.

Also, Froze Saber Cats are racist and i hate them more than anything else in the game. They are SOOO HARD!!! 


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That sucks... Was it after a long session?  I haven't experienced any issues yet.

This is the first time its happened in my 40 hours of play time so far. So I can say thats its a huge leap over fallout where the freezes were much more frequent. I know two of my other friends who had their game freeze up on them only once.

Ive put around 31 hrs into the game and the game has only frozen once.  And yes that one time was during a long 8hr session or so.

As I walked in a door, the game froze for the first time.  Luckely I saved right before I opened the door.

froze on me a couple times, every single time was when going through a door, the music stops suddenly then a few seconds and it freezes, last time it froze it actually autosaved after going through the door that froze on me, so didn't lose any progress. save regularly, which takes a few seconds at most. shouldn't happen, it sucks, sure, but whatever, people have said its probably because skyrim is pushing the limit of the 360, which when looking at the game, is pretty obvious its true.

mine  froze one when tried to enter a dungeon.

Mine was freezing quite a bit yesterday, at least 5 times in a short period and always during combat.  Each time was when I was dual casting the sparks spell.  I think all the lightning was just too much.  Went that section again using fire and it hiccuped a couple times but didn't freeze.