It Strikes Again

I was suppose to start a match with AGR, and instead i got a blurry screem; with no other option, but to go to xbox home screen dash board. 

i hate these dumb people who made this glitch


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Does the "blurry screen glitch" look like games tend to look when you disconnect the controller? I keep reading how people get it when they control killstreaks but I keep on getting it if I access a player's gamercard through the scoreboard. So annoying when after that there's nothing you can do except either stand still and wait for the match to be over or dashboard. All was fine before the latest update; how could they break something like this?

Is this related to the tablet glitch that was in popular discussion about a month ago? If not, what is it? I'd like to know.

play S&D, look at someones player-card emblem during the kill-cam and wait for the transition into the next round. Your screen will be blurry and you won't be able to move.

Why is this so broken man,geez.

what you wrote is basically what is happening to me. I notice it happens when i try to read a players bio, before the start of a match.