It looks like the ME3 Demo is coming out in Feb.

Well I just read an article on Kotaku and it showed the date when the demo was finally coming out.

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Just watch the video until the very end.


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Thanks for the linkage Mr Jer Bear...:-)


EA has pushed back Mass Effect 3's demo from January to 14th February, dropping the new date at the end of a Mass Effect 3 Kinect showcase.

Posted by All Games Beta (thanks VG247), the video in question shows journalists yelling orders at Mass Effect crewmates and gushing about it afterwards to the camera. A sickening display. No, we didn't get an invite. Bah.

As easy as point and shout.
 The Mass Effect 3 demo will feature single and multiplayer content, and Battlefield 3 owners will get early access in some form.

Mass Effect 3's story mode takes place during a Reaper invasion, with Commander Shepard beetling around the galaxy in search of allies. You'll get to decide the fates of entire races, among other things. The multiplayer keys into this, generating additional "War Assets" which can - note, can rather than must - be used to unlock the best endings.

It's out on 3rd March in North America and 9th March in Europe.

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"3rd March in North America"?  Nice to finally have a date for the demo, the multiplayer will have to wait until March 6 for me, the single player will be a nice opportunity to make any adjustments to the new combat changes (e.g. the "roll" move & melee attacks), have to remember to go see Calendar Man in Arkham City on Valentine's Day first...:-)

The Demo's coming out on the 14th of February Arkham99, with the game being released on March 3rd for US and March 9th for UK (Australia gets ME3 on the 8th of March). That's how I interpreted voteDC's post.

It's obviously a rare oversight on voteDC's part for the game is to be released on March 6 in North America...:-) know you can change the date of ur xbox and get that achievement done in one day...

Am I the only one that isn't going to play the single player part of the demo? Am I in the minority of the people who want to save all single player until the game is in my hands?

Thanks AuThEnTiCcC, I've known about that shortcut, it's the only achievement that I have left and I want to go the long road with it.  You're not alone Walley in your "spoiler-free" strategy, there's a reason why we haven't heard from The Lord of War since E3.  I've watched the leaked beta demo in its entirety, and all though I've all ready seen the intro of the game, there's so many unanswered questions afterwards that I genuinely feel that what little that I've seen hasn't spoiled it for me, hats off to you and The Lord of War plus others who've resisted such temptations...:-)

I'm pretty sure that Bry just jumped off the Mass Effect ship. He didn't like where it was going and now he is uninterested in it. I have actually had several conversations with him about it..... Not recently, but still.


I just want my first experience with ME3 to be like my experience with the other games. I had no idea what they would be about. I am getting really excited for ME3 the closer it gets :)

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