1. I had to turn the music off. That constant chittery noise was making me NUTS! The music in the first game was great!


2. People STILL freezing the game indefinitely when they know they're going to lose, and just leaving, hoping you'll quit so they can get a cheezy win. SO LAME!!!!!! This was a brutal problem in the last game, and I can't believe they haven't sorted it. Totally unacceptable.


3. "Game is Synching" crap. Lag switching on purpose or not, to negate spells or combat effects. It's not hard to resolve actions even if the connection goes out for a sec... the mechanics and situation are the same as they were 2 seconds ago. Another thing they HAD to fix in this installment.


I didn't purchase the foil decks, but I think MS should explain what they do more thoroughly. 99% of people wouldn't buy them knowing they could unlock the cards for free by playing the game...


Anyone else?



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So I'm about to kill a guy next turn (I have a 7/7 flying creature, and he has 7 life and no cards or flying creatures).

He let's the timer run ALLLLLLLLLLL the way down, but at the end of the timer, the game just freezes. I can zoom on cards, dashboard button, pause, everything. When I hit start, there's an option to "restart duel". I eventually hit that after 10 minutes waiting, and it freezes my Xbox! WTF!?!

Next game, I'm Tezz against Chandra. I have 8 life left, he has a Prodigal Pyromancer and a Kiln Fiend. He incinerates me, and attacks, but the Kiln Fiend is still 1/2. I try to Dispense Justice, but the game lags and he hits me for 1. "Game is syncing", then all of a sudden he hit me for 4, and I still couldn't cast DJ!

Seriously this crap makes me so mad... let's get all the problems listed so we can harass them to patch this fun, but horribly broken game.