Issues with power ups and UI

Playing MS Bingo under Windows 8.1 Pro x64 on a generic notebook with up-to-date drivers, I am encountering numerous issues:

- Sometimes the app is freezing in the moment when the power-up bar is charged and the new power-up is about to be revealed. Sometimes I seem to have lost tickets and coins for that round, sometimes it doesn't seem so, I am not sure.

- Occasionally the app utilizes the complete power of one CPU core for no apparent reason and without ever stopping to do so.

- When the reveal-power-up is used (the one with the question mark) and a selected number from the power bingo sheet is among the revealed numbers and that number is clicked on the regular sheets and the game ends before that number is called regularly, then that number will not be registered on the power sheet.

- When you view the power sheet from the main menu, then switch to another country and view its power sheet, then the country name in the power sheet will be the one from the country where you were before and will remain so for all countries.

- Sometimes some of the buttons just disappear from the UI.

- The lighting power up only makes sense when you have other power ups, but you can still get and use it when you have no power ups left afterwards (unless you buy more instantly). Maybe it would be nice if the lighting power up can only be used when there are other power-ups left.

- When you complete a power sheet, then you are only shown a blank power sheet on the reward screen for a couple of seconds. It can appear like the app is frozen, but it isn't. Please enhance the feedback of completing a power sheet.

- Please overhaul the documentation, the help section is lacking a description of many rules, a lot of important information is missing there.

But I really appreciate that it is a pretty fair free-to-play game, thanks.


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Also if there was an icon, possibly with a timer, that tells you whether the hinting power-up (the one that tells you when a number from the Sheets has been drawn) is active, similar to the double-XP power-up, that would be great.

And there is more:

It appears that the sound effect of using a power up does not seem to conform to the SFX loudness settings.

When you click the call-out-a-bingo-button bu someone else achieves the last bingo of the game, then you are punished as if you called out a false Bingo.

This is all fantastic- thanks so much for your feedback on this! I will pass it along to the rest of the team. :)

After the last update the game isn't registering my power up usage and therefore I am not making progress towards this 2 achievements. Could you check this please. Some friends of mine get the achievements before the update came out.

We've isolated this issue and are comparing to see why this achievement broke. We're trying to get it resolved ASAP.