Issues connecting to friends

Anyone experiencing this right  now?  I try to join friends then it says un-joinable.


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Now its telling me that the Halo 4 servers are not available.  But my friends are not seeing this.  Anyone else having this issue?

Really?? Am I the only one who can't get online matches right now?  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Exit to dashboard, relaunch the game and try again.

already did all that.  I also cleared my cache.

Is your NAT set to open?

Bro I've been getting this problem for years, ISP says squat and neither does Xbox support (well they at least tried)

You can not join game in progress, only if they are still in the lobby.

That's not true. In Halo 4 you can, in fact, join games in progress if there are slots open. Either way that doesn't relate to the post at all. I am also having the same issue. Seems to be either something with our crappy ISP's or something with the 343 Halo 4 servers. I see about 1000 people online total, whereas my friend has 10x in Infinity Slayer. Not sure what exactly the issue is, but no you're not the only one. Hopefully there is a fix soon.

The same problem is happening for me. It is not my NAT, it is the Halo servers. It shows about 700 total people online and I CANNOT connect to any of my friends. So frustrating.