Issue with Tough Love Achievement

Recently played through for the second time.

I was going for the tough love achievment, since the first time I messed it up.

This time I went into the final battle with over $7 million and did not get the achiev.

Can anyone help me figure out what I messed up?



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Mmm, did you have enough in the Treasury to cover the last decision? It can't just be in your stash, you have to transfer it.  I got the 'Tough Love' by the skin of my teeth--I had lots n'lots in my personal treasure room, but I thought I'd be able to transfer more to the treasury after the last judgement so I was only a few thousand over.

If you choose all the good options you leave your treasury with a defecit of -2,400,000 gold. Meaning you need a total of 8,900,000 gold of your personal gold to gain the achievement.

If you choose all evil options you will have 3,950,000 gold in the treasury after all is said and done meaning you need 2,550,000 of personal gold to gain the achievement.

Keep in mind the gold you need to transfer into the treasury MUST be transferred before you decide on Protection for Aurora. It reads on load screen as 121 Days Until Attack but this is the last opportunity to get the gold you need in. So depending on if you went all good or all evil (or somewhere in between) make sure you go to the treasury prior to ruling on Protection for Aurora and Fate of Mistpeak and transfer whatever you need to reach the 6,500,000 gold from the personal gold part of the treasury ledger.

A great source of income is going to the Demon Door in Sunset House after you have become King or Queen. The reward is 1,000,000 gold. If you have managed to collect all 50 silver keys you can unlock the chest at the Bowerstone Castle for 2,000,000 gold. Other than that upgrade your job skills in Road to Rule to level 5 and work work work.

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