Dose anyone know why she is his Ex i heard she was haveing an affair? Is this explained in one of the games?




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She's not his ex. Shes dead.

You never heard she was having an affair because that never happened.

Or at least I haven't heard that before.

In either case, Isaac is wracked with guilt over her death on the Ishimura. The reason is because he was the one who recommended her to take the job on the ship.

AMCope. In the future you should call out "Spoilers" when you're about to give some out. Especially when they are as big as that one. There are people out there who haven't beat the game who would appreciate your discretion.  How would you feel if someone told you the ending OMG moment of the story in the game you were currently playing? OP, I don't know where you're getting your info, but it's all wrong. The only affair I know of takes place in one of the two movies between two doctors who aren't even worth mentioning.

Spoilers, though it doesn't really *** matter anymore. Nicole IS technically his ex because she is a girlfriend from his past because she's dead. In his head she is his current girlfriend. It really comes down to semantics. In the second game she is for sure his ex because (Dead Space 2 SPOILERS) the *** is trying to kill him lol. But then again it's the marker... Semantics...

My mistake. I honestly didn't think it mattered. It pretty much had that plot line within the first few minutes of starting the game. Assuming you could catch on to that part.

It set up the fact that she was in trouble, but certainly not what you spoiled above. That wasn't revealed until the end. A lot of us may have assumed that, but we didn't know for sure. When she was walking around I doubt you thought he was hallucinating. If you say you knew he was, you are lying. Either way there is a good chance you ruined the ending for another person. In the future please be sure to let people know you are going talk about important story details that aren't revealed at the beginning of the game.