Isn't this a predicament...

BF3 has shown it's face and hasn't been getting the reviews I was expecting. Still seeing ow BF has so many new gaming elements introduced, it was expected to see so many bugs/glitches/ect... Hopefully within the weeks, DICE will address and fix the current issues.

Now, to wait and see if MW3 is as good as the developers speculated...


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So far the only issue I have is the OP tactical light and servers. Destruction is really toned down on a lot of the maps too which is a let down. Not really a big deal because the destruction is always where its needed the most.

Devs will always speculated that their games are good until gamers get them in their hands.

Another one of the slew of  FPS titles with no story.  I was expecting rave reviews.

BF3 is great.

I probably won't touch the campaign this year. Too many good games coming out. MP is the only reason anybody should ever pick up a BF game. Ever. Period. If you don't pick it up solely for that reason, you're seriously doing it wrong.

I can't stress that enough. MP is the only reason to pick up a BF game. EVER.

Loved BF3 campaign.

Yeah a few people I know have been complaining about BF3..I haven't played it yet but all i was expecting to hear from people was praise lol

It will probably be a couple of patches before BF3 is up and running smoothly.