Is windows 10 games going to have both touch screen version and non touch screen?

Just curious is  is the xbox for windows 10 getting none touch screen versions as well or just touch screen because some of those games are kinda difficult and not putting out there full potential.

Game example: Toy Soldiers Cold war: Touch edition, the version doesn't work really well for the PC. there are a few problems because controls and not bugs/glitches

  • Holding left click to aim and fire at the same time which waste bullets
  • top down view of our commando and helicopter

Is the PC version going to get the port of the 360 game because i can buy the touch screen in windows 10 and play it but I would rather buy the version with first person view and controls so i can change the keys around like using Q+left click to travel

So finale say I was wondering if the store was getting both versions or just one.


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