Is treyarch the new infinityward ?

I liked call of duty 4 but mw2 ,mw3 were horrible . Seems like to me Treyarch is the only one improving the serise now . MW3 was just mw2 exspansion pack . I think im skipping call of duty every other year now . Infinityward / sledgehammer has let me down . I cant wait to get black ops 2 . I might actually buy the season pass for it since I enjoyed treyarchs other call of dutys so much . I wont be buying MW4 I will just skip it for Black ops 3 the next year . Are any of you gonna do the same ?


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- Been this way since MW2 was utterly broken and 3arc came in with BO1, which i thought was going to be terrible, and turned out to be great IMO.

Yeah and MW3 felt like pieced together rushed leftovers from MW2 . MW3 was the last straw for me when it comes to infinityward and sledgehammer . I will only buy treyarch titles for now on . They can hype there trailers all they want I know it will be just that hype .

I surely hope they carry the series.  My only gripe with this game is the heavy handed lag comp that they continue to run with.  Seems more intrusive than BO1.  And if TA could please permenantly disable auto assist on the aim and being able to fire any gun while jumping...... I'd have the perfect shooter.