is thunder run bugged?

i get to the part after you lase the target and the guy keeps saying all untis move out or whatever and he counts down yet i cant do anything in my tank. i cant fire, move, change views, etc. anyone else had this problem??


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Probably.  I am a BF fan but this is kind of crazy.  My 360 has froze five times in the single player alone.  Naturally I haven't been able to connect online either for about three hours for a complete game.  This is kind of sad, and they should be kind of ashamed of themselves for saying they were the COD killer.  Hey concentrate on geting your game to work launch date.

for real, this is very strange. i dont feel like restarting and the fact that i cant play mp really bugs me..... TU needs to come quickkk

any idea on how to fix this?