Is this worth getting?

Thinking about getting it today but heard mixed reviews.

Some reviewers rated RESI 6 badly but I love that so thinking that I might end up loving Raccoon City too.


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So you are basing this on the fact that its classic zombies? This game is nothing like the earlier RE games. Exploring, finding the three keys to unlock the door you couldnt get through, escaping the room filled with lickers, seeing a mirror just to have a licker jump through it. Now thats RE but ORC is more like a terrible version L4D2. Game makers need to think a little more about these games rather than just throwing them together. Havnt they ever heard the rules of a zombie out break. For 1 you dont run down city streets. Unless you want to become a zombie.

I like it,I just got it the other day,it's pretty fun.

I think it's an alright game but I am not sure why they made the friendly AI really stupid but the enemy AI really smart.

Also cover doesn't work very well and you die very quickly on the easiest setting so I'm thinking that on the hardest difficulty one bullet probably kills you instantly :)

^ Capcom never made this game befor the reviews they got bad review's it because the game glitched and bugged but since they patch and fixed most of it Everything should be fine now. Only thing that feel broking it guns that isnt powerful as they was..

I cant defend this game. It shouldnt even be called RE. Terrible game.

I really enjoyed this game, has a few issues but in all I found it really fun and wanted to keep playing. It has scenes directly from RE2 which was one of the best games and is probably closer to the original story before it became warped and unrecognisable as RE. I don't know how anyone could say it doesn't deserve the name I know its not survival horror but its closer to the feel of the first games when zombies were zombies.

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I cant defend this game. It shouldnt even be called RE. Terrible game.

[/quote]This. Call it just Operation Raccoon City and I'm fine. Add the Resident Evil in the title and I get mad. It's just not RE.

Ah cool, I'll look for it :)