Is this happening to anyone else?

Alright, so I was playing with my party in Domination. We start playing on Plaza and throughout the 1st round I'm doing pretty good (I think I was going like 20-3). However, about a minute into the 2nd round, I see a black screen, then it starts loading the map again. Next thing I know I'm on the opposite team with a score of 0-0! This has happened to me like 3 times already, and it's pretty irritating... Has this happened to anyone else?


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 I've had a lot of strange stuff happening with migrations in dom, dem and ctf.

   I've had matches where we won the first 2 rounds, then wind up with a tiebreaker round and lose. I've had captures missing from my score at the end of the match, and I've had times where there was a migration, and find myself in what appeared to be a different match altogether with my score intact..

Was sitting in a game lobby in party mode , just won a game ,next I know I was put into a match on the losing side of a @@@ whipping, I was like wth

I was playing KC the other day and when i died it gave me 2x deaths. Happend like 6 times in one game.