Is this game worth it?

Gears is like one of my favorite game but Ive seen alot of complaining about level resets and campagin being erased and it just sounds like a bunch of trouble.

 Should I invest the money into Gears or should I just wait and get a newer game like Halo CEA or COD MW3?


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This is a great game all around. Like every game there's some issues but from what I can tell it's working great for most people.

I have not had a problem with my rank reset or my campaign being deleted (let's hope that didn't jinx me), so it doesn't happen to everyone, but this is the best Gears game in my opinion.  The gameplay is outstanding, as are the graphics.  The campaign is pretty great, and the multiplayer is fantastic.

^ What he said. While these forums might make you think that there's an abundance of problems, the reality is that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are playing the game just fine. It's unfortunate that people are getting reset due to glitches within the system, but they're still an exception that shouldn't really influence your decision of whether or not to buy the game.

As for my personal thoughts, it's an excellent game that's a lot of fun. It does have a bit of a learning curve to it though due to the fact that it is so unique in terms of shooters out there, so be wary that if you haven't played a previous Gears game you might start off with a little bit of trouble.

More than worth it, go get it now. No seriously, it's a wonderful conclusion to the series.

The percentage of people getting reset is probably small, but it is a risk nonetheless. If an occurrence would make you quit the game, then it is definitely something you should factor into your decision to purchase the game. The learning curve is steep when compared to Halo or Call of Duty. Gameplay is quite different too, being in the third-person perspective. I find movement is much smoother in the first person games but Gears of War 3 can be a refreshing change. Call of Duty is a very adrenaline-rush type game, rewarding twich style gameplay and fast reflexes in most CQB situations. Gears is a bit different. If its your favourite, then you'll probably enjoy this one because it's movement is better than the clunky tank feeling in the previous versions. There are now more weapons to play with, including 2 new starting weapons: the Retro Lancer and the sawed-off shotgun which can be quite a refreshing change from the previous games. Good luck with your decision!

Thanks for all the reply's people :)!

Yep obvs go get it. NOW.