is this game worth it? do ppl cheat a lot? pls answer

should i get this game?  i watched my friend play and it looks fun but i have a few things that concern me  first is their gonna be a patch to fix seeing decks b4 the game starts? ppl kept changin decks to beat his decks.  also what about the leader boards?  are they full of glitchers?   the top players appear offline both r from france. how do they win so much? i do not want to get this game if players will cheat against me


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As far as I can tell the leaderboards are legit. Though I'm not sure if they can be manipulated by disconnecting and such. Almost every game I'm about to win, my opponent will disconnect rather than simply conceding or taking the loss. That's why I say that.

The worst thing I've encountered so far is people who stall until the entire time bar is ready to expire. Not a terribly huge problem, but it is incredibly annoying.

I heard from another forum that they were going to release a patch to stop people from deck swapping. The PC version apparently doesn't even have that problem anyways.

When the host quick swaps that is LAME. There should be a little countdown, and then if people can't agree on a fair matchup, a random button.

People freezing the game or lag switching seems to happen to me a ton, but I think a lot of that is the game being busted. I can't imagine so many people would know how to cheat... so I probably send a lot of hate mail to people that don't deserve it =P

best game i bought in  long time, gotta buy it to see

Best game I've bought in forever haha. I like it a lot, it actually got me into playing again.

The game does have the odd sync issues with the game being frozen for everyone, until someone quits.

But it's a great game, no doubt.

This game is amazing. It takes a bit to get used to if you are new to the game, but after a few games, it grows on you. Some decks are used more than others, but it all depends on your playstyle. Almost any deck can overrun another.

This game is fun and I would say worth a purchase.  There are cheaters still but I have only come across a couple (pause glitch) in hundreds of games.  I would still recommend it.

 I always host my own games.  I find it extremely annoying when over half the players come into my room with some deck and then immediately go straight to my very worst match-up every time.   These players are not offering me a fair match.  They clearly know exactly what they are doing and are looking to take advantage of people who just don't know better.   So needless to say,  I quick switch A LOT,  and I'm sorry but I do not feel guilty about it.  The way I see it, if you are looking to take advantage of some new guy, you deserve it.

Whether you agree with my logic or not, the fact of the matter is that no matter how much you dislike it, we can't control the internet.  The game is currently designed in a way that gives a bit of an advantage to the host of the game.  It's really not that big of a deal. There are a few things we can do.   First, if it upsets you that much- host your own games.  Then you can be as fair or corrupt as you choose to be.  Problem Solved!   (Yes I understand that if everyone hosts games nobody will ever get to play.  But I have been doing it all along and haven't had a problem yet.  And judging by the activity of these forums, I highly doubt this thread will be convincing the masses any time soon.)

Also, as a person who deck changes A LOT,  I can tell you that not every match-up is a complete blow-out.  Decks like Soren, Chandra, Jace, can most often provide tough match-ups against all the decks.  Soren is probably the best at being well rounded.  I refuse to play against it at all because I can't find any deck that beats it more than 60% of the time (when controlled by a similiarly skilled player).  decks like Kiora, Nissa and Garruk  will get stomped almost every time.  I would avoid these if you are not hosting.

Also if you do decide to host,  Jace is the best starting deck, as tons of people incorrectly think that Gideon beats it and it's pretty much an auto win when they go straight to it.

So there it is,  Flame away!

I'm pretty sure that we all deck switch at some point in order to have an advantage/fair game. I do it in ranked, because obviously I don't want to lose. But in custom games, I just won't care. I'll run Nissa againt Chandra, sure. I do it for the fun of the game, and Magic isn't that serious anyway. At least in my opinion, I only started playing since the first DotP, never was into collecting the cards or anything, nor was anyone in my social circle. And Jace is my favorite deck. I feel that its recently starting to get light, but when the game was first around, no one was using it because Gideon and Soren were the popular kids. But hopefully, the patch will fix this whole issue, and with the new DLC around the corner, I feel like this game will finally become fun again. Until then, DotP v1 is the place to be. Only two more decks till I max them all out in that game. None of that deck key bullcrap. Takes the fun out of learning and using your deck.  

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