Is this game worth getting?

Title, and I don't mean just to play through it once then just sell it 


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The game is terrible in terms of achievements not unlocking properly and way too many game problems.I already beaten this game.

it's far from terrible but is lacking a bit. i would say if u played the previous 2 saints row's and enjoyed them then go ahead and buy this one. the story has a few alternate routes that makes it worth at least 2 play throughs and apart from the story there's a good deal to do if u want to get 100% so not really pay through and sell.

also the achievements not unlocking isn't for everyone, i have yet to have that issue while playing

I love the game.  Its a great game....had a bad day work and I want to blow stuff up.  Overall, I give the 7 out of 10.  Plenty of stuff to so and you get co-op with friends.

9/10 I'm a bit disappointed that the story was a bit to short IMO  

You might not enjoy it as much as Saints Row 2.. A whole lot of stuff was taken out. The story is poorly executed, also..

Like others have said, it's not nearly as good as SR2 in terms of things to do, story etc... however having said that, its a reatively easy game to get through and there are some enjoyable moments.

Wait for it to hit the $30 range

far too linear, not near as fun as SR2, less customization and the map seems to be about 1/3 the size of stilwater

The game is tons of fun. I just picked it up this week on Amazon for $35 and that was the perfect price to pay.