Is this game worth getting?...

I have read reviews where they say MW3 is MW2 with some slightly better looking dust and new scraps of newspaper floating around the screen, but is it worth it ALSO for the survival mode thing and the campaign?

I am not one of those people who only play online and never touch the campaign.


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Borrow it from a friend if anything.

Rent before you buy

haha, I would have to fly to America to get it at Gamestop :P

All the game stores in the UK don't accept "Because its full of camping n00bs and it sucks" or even the more platonic "I don't like it" as a valid reason for getting a refund it has to literally be unplayable ie broken disc. However because its close to christmas I could probably pull out the "the person I bought it for already has it" tactic.

I have watched gameplay online mainly smoove's gameplay and Minnesotaburns and there doesn't really seem to be that much camping from other players but smoove is a bit of a camper himself...soo....yeah....


Cant hurt purchasing it used at gamestop. Play it for 6 days then return it on the 7th day for a full refund if you do not like it. I still go on and do just fine. Rush,rush baby.

If you like extra cheesy stories for Campaign and mega campers for MP, the this is your game. Really though, it should be cheap by now

Watch gameplay online. Then decide.

I enjoyed MW3 for the MP.  Not my favorite cod but it plays smooth and was fast paced.  I did not care for the survival mode, thought it was pretty shallow and got real boring after a while.  

Personally I thought Mw2 was ok, mw3 was garbage and both black ops were better but still flawed, I enjoyed playing them all though when with a full party of friends!

Honestly I think MW3 is a lot better than MW2 and it's a must buy for someone who enjoys CoD but yeah, try to rent it or see if one of your friends has it or something if you're not 100% sure about this game.

Rent it at Blockbuster with a coupon for like a dollar, then decide for yourself?