Is this game worth buying?

It's going to be a long wait for Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, Skyrim, etc. So I need a game to keep me entertained until then. My friend just bought Dead Rising 2 and he says it's a fun game. He said I should buy it and I was planning on doing it. I told my brother about it and he said the game is terrible. Due to the time limit you have, the bosses in the game are humans, and you can simply ignore the zombies (according to him). I really want this game but I don't want to waste good money on a crappy game. Is this game long lasting hours of fun slaughtering zombies?


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I have only played the original Dead Rising but from what I've heard the sequel is much of the same. It's true that you can (try) to ignore the zombies but they will get you sooner or later if you do that. And it is pretty much your decision how you want to spend your time in the game. If you want to kill zombies until the time limit expires you can do that. The time limit didn't bother me too much. But really how you want to play the game is pretty much your decision , at least in the first it was your decision. If everything I know is right than the sequel only adds things to the first (for example a crafting system) . So I don't think it is a bad game. I'm planning on getting it...

Dead Rising (both 1&2) are good mindless fun.  There are so many zombies that it is hard to ignore them.  The bosses are human, but there is literally hundreds of zombies to kill on-screen.  And beating zombies around the head with an electric guitar never gets old!

If you can find either for a good price, pick it up!

just got it 20$ and yes !!!!!

The first one was worth it.  I paid full price for the 2nd and I regret it.  I have not played in a few months, been focusing on PS3, so my advice is to let the price drop down before you buy it

The visuals are great ,the save system is way more forgiving ,just getting into making weopons and mindless killing is a blast !! i waited on this one and the price i paid it was well worth it just to be pulled back into that world ,now i just hope the next one comes out at 40$

the dead rising series is one of my favorite series of all time and definatly one of the best on the 360 i have played dead rising 1 case zero dead rising 2 and case west and have gotten every single achievment in all of them Dead Rising rocks the story is great and the gameplay is super fun. The game encourages you to replay it many many times as it is pretty much impossible to do everything in one sitting. All in all i HIGHLY recommend picking up dead rising 2 and dead rising 1 if you can theyre probably mad cheap and deffinatly worth the money i bought both games for the full $60 price when they both first came out and dont regret it at all.

£10 in HMV, worth every penny. The online VS game show thing is near dead with no one around, but it doesn't matter. The campaign is good with plenty of areas to explore plus co-op with a mate is always good.

I love the game personally, although if you are looking for something to pass the time by I would recommend Dead Island over Dead Rising 2.

Buy it but boss battles are harder then expected usually. Zombies progressively get harder to kill. But u have to play and level up a while before completing the campaign