is this game unplayable?

It has been a long time since I have played cod4 and me and my friends feel like picking it back up.  However, from the other forums I have seen it has a huge hacking problem.  Should I still get it, or does the hackers make this game impossible to play?


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word of warning..if you shoot sum1 and sumthing like -86868686 comes up on your screen in red numbers go to dashboard right not pause the game then back out it will save your stats..go straight to dashboard or you wont be able to play multiplayer anymore because the hackers will derank you and you will be -xp so wont be able to play multiplayer unless a friend invites you to their game..or better still turn your console off if its faster than going to dash

I would like to put cod 4 in but after playing back in december, I am really worried about playing it!  I was constantly in lobbies that had numbers and people putting abusing words across the screen.  I am tenth prestige and have 100k kills and would be a little upset if my stats and prestige were resett!  Plus all the gold weapons.  I will give it a try though, I have been playing older cod titles lately since I hate mw3 and I am playing other titles until the next title.  

Actually It better to shut down your xbox instead of dashboarding.Hold down your guide button till the option to turnoff your xbox shows up and choose to turn it off ;)

I wish I would have known this last night, the first I tried playing, wanting to prestige for a token in MW3.  Now I can't play jack squat on COD4

once you get in a good lobby its fine, I noticed ground war seems to be pretty clean of hacks so far.

I just hopped on myself a while ago, and to answer your question, it depends. You can still play it although there are a large number of hacks going around.If you liked the game and want to play it with your friends again don't let a couple of mods online stop you, most of them are just small things. I have only come across a couple of lobbies, in the past few hours playing, with people teleporting around/outside the map that are easy enough to deal with. Still worth playing in my opinion.

Ok thanks I shall pick it up then

I play this game all the time, and when the hacks/mods show up, I take great joy in reporting them and then letting them know that they have been reported.  The best ones are the GTs that have been there for 3 or more years and think they are "safe" from XBLPET enforcement.  There have also been a couple of GTs that try and invite me to one of their lobbies after I report them, but they are only interested in de-ranking or other such idiot gamer even sent a voice message CONFIRMING that he had hacks to give if I don't report him...that message actually was forwarded to XBLPET also...I am almost done with my prestige experience and will happily move on to COD:WaW once this is over and do the same thing...can't wait!  :-)

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ i wish i known that earlier.