is this game hard or just me?

the first town (riverton?) i walked out of the shop and 3 mercs attacked me, i had to run and hide in water and shoot em cuz they cant swim i guess.

im lvl 21 kahjit

i did some companion quests (got the special ability, then stole some plans which was really hard at first i had to reload and stealth kill em all), did starter quest for thieves, and some minor side quests. i have mostly leveled off of crafting.  only been to whiterun and became thane, took carriage to winterfold to start mage guild, went to rifton to appraise a gem and ended up joining thieves, and took carriage to solitude for a quest. havent done much exploring

oh and i went to the greybeards and learned some beginner shouts

i am wearing heavy armor and stuff is hitting me so hard, i had to lower difficulty cuz im chugging potions so much, did i level too fast from crafting causing my character to just suck in fights?

50 stealth and 40ish bow  if i cant get the stealth kill then hide right away i get beat up really bad by the mobs buddies

most of my 30-40+ skills are like non combat stuff

when i did oblivions level system i ran into a problem where i was high level but since i leved off "main skills" so quick it made my character suck since i didnt maximize my attributes by doing minor skills before hitting the level.

am i doing quests that are too high for me, or is the scaling broke?

i guess the whole point of this post is, are you suppose to take a ton of damage, or is my character just weak because i leveled too fast and still barely started?


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I had a few issues and went into the options and noticed it was set to Master, lol

I wouldn't say its hard, it just has pretty high spikes. You could be in a dungeon killing guys with one or two hits and then come to the boss and barley be able to damage it. If your really having trouble just change the difficulty when you get into a hard fight then put it back up after.

Its the difficulty spikes that are hard. As Conwin says, you could be killing stuff in one or two hits and then come up against a real hard case completely throwing you off.

Running  away is feasable now, they dont chase you from one end of the map to the other, unlike Oblivion.

I still can't find this difficulty setting?

It's in the system menu, under gameplay, I think.

It gets much easier when you gain a lot of levels. I took down full city full of mercenaries without breaking a sweat :)

Say I put it down to novice, what are the implications of doing that? Less good item drops? Less gold? or does it just make mobs a pushover?

if its like fallout the lower difficulties setting mean u get less exp for killing and doing quests so takes longer to level up. gold and items dropped should stay the same.

also no matter what level ur at u will never feel like a demi-god cos the badguys level with u gaining better weapons and take more damage just like u thats y its not a good idea to power level up cos ur weapons will still be poor and theres will not

Also if you want to be a thief you should chose light armour (elven stuff is good) as heavy armour is really bad for sneaking in.

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