Is this game broken?

I can put up with small maps, I can put up with getting spawn killed but I cant take it when I'm 5 feet away from a guy and unloading a clip of **** rifle at him, I'm getting hitmarkers, reticle is an "x" but the guys not going down, seriously I'm just standing there shooting waiting for him to get killed. I play on hardcore as well so if should take 1 hit for someone to go down. Most of the time I get killed because other players just run through my bullets and turn around and shoot me. I notice people in parties are hard to kill, there must be an exploit, if you play against parties you are at a 2 to 3 bullet disadvantage, dont know why. Maybe they get to keep host in their part of the woods.


I hate loosing to cr*p players, like people who run around with shotguns, javelins and XM25's noobing the whole game.


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Lag compensation.

the only fix is to make your connection as crappy as you possibly can by d/ling a season or 2 of a tv show / anime  on your computer and while your waiting you can play

I should start putting the difference between a "clip" and a "magazine" in my signature.