is this game as crappy as the last one?

thinking about picking it up, just wondering


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You know how each Assassin's Creed is like its previous one? Well it's like that. So if you didn't like Brotherhood, you wouldn't like Revelations.

I would say wait a while if you are set on getting it. There are still a lot of issues being worked out. The online play is terrible right now. So if it isn't a must have then don't get it at all, if it is a must have wait at least a month.

Stick with Battlefield.  Multiplayer in this game is a joke.  You constantly get people drop shotting, quick scoping, and basically no one can play the game normally.  To top it all off the community in this game is pathetic.  I prefer Black Ops over this one any day, it's a shame too, I really want to love this game but it's just impossible.  I don't cheat, or manipulate the game in any way, I play the game the way it should be played, normal.  If you could host your own room and random people could join then it would be great because you could just boot people, just like Ghost Recon back in the day which had the best Multiplayer lobbies to date in my opinion.

Problem with the ability to boot people is you'd get abusive hosts who would kick anyone better than them.

IMHO, it is way less, "crappy."  No danger close, explosives have been mega-nerfed, no one man army, and scavenger no longer replaces tubes and claymores.  Bottom line, regardless of the hate you hear is that there are far less shenanigans going on here than in MW2.

If you like fps get it, if you dont like people that are better then you,whiney preteens, explosives that have the effect simaler to that of a water ballon or "lag companstion" then dont get it. people who say it is bad only think so because they themselves are bad.

I'm guessing if you wait another month you'll be able to pick up this POS for $20 or less, used at Gamestop because apparently so many people are trading them in they  aren't taking anymore.  

I envy you for not buying it on release, like I did.  Buyers remorse for sure.  

It's equally has crappy, though i think it's hacker free so theres a plus

When you say as the last one.. what game are you inferring to? I hope you don't mean black

ops because that game was awesome. I can understand if you say mw2 but no way bo..

Comparing it to Black Ops: Black Ops is VASTLY superior. I would cite various examples,'s just better in every way.

Comparing it to MW2: I think they're about even, but in different ways. The map design and spawn system of MW2 was drastically better than MW3s, but then you have OMA and Danger Close and infinite Grenade Launchers and Rockets and crazy Commando lounges and...oi. There was some frustrating stuff.

To be honest, most of the frustrating stuff in MW3 is easily fixable, and doesn't really revolve around actual gameplay...the maps and the spawn system is the worst I've ever experienced in an FPS. Quake 3 Arena has a better spawn system, and that is saying something. Of course, that's different because you have a much greater amount of mobility.

They also made quickscoping the biggest joke in the world and pretty much buffed Sniper Rifles to a stupidly high level. Just get a .50 Cal that has barely any recoil and body shot everyone. You'll down entire armies in moments. They also nerfed Shotguns to near uselessness, save for the Striker. I don't understand the Shotgun change.

Overall, if you liked MW2, I guess you'll think MW3 is alright. You really should consider Black Ops, though.

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