Is this better than Fable 2 ?

Just wondering if this is worth picking up ?


Is it as good as or better than Fable 2 and what is different ?


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After I completed the main quest, which was very quick to do, I got bored as all you seem to have to do is get people who hate you to like you again by running errands for them... I have gone back to playing Fable 2 again which, in my opinion, is much better. I am looking forward to their being a Fable 4 released sometime but I really hope they make it more like 2 than 3 when they do it!!! The main character (male) in F3 is a bit odd too... the way he talks to his dog is comical!!

I think Fable 3 is worse than 2. The whole good and evil system is completely useless because you do most of these choices at a specific point in the game. The story is very thin and way too short. I was kind of unsatisfied at the end.There are just too many good ideas which are not fully developed.

The interactions with NPCs were great idea but after the first two you won't see any more. It's just holding a button and that's it.

It's still worth picking up I think. Fable 3 is not a bad game it's just not the good sequel you'd expect.

I just started playing fable 3 with my girlfriend in co-op. But i already feel that fable 2 was much more engaging. There really is nothing to choice. You have too sign agreements. It could have been better if you had 2/3 choices of what you wanted to promise, Maybe it gets better for me in the rest of the game. Only just signed up with Major Swift

There are some good ideas in Fable 3 but I really don't like the lack of a menu system to see what you've got at the touch of a button, with 3 you have to return to the santuary and then into different rooms, I don't see how this is supposed to be better. I was looking forward to Fable 3 to see what it was that Theresa wanted with The Spire from the Fable 2 but was really dissappointed to find that this story line hasn't been continued, hopefully it'll the backbone of Fable 4.

Is Fable 3 better then Fable 2?

In some ways yes in other no. For example.

I find having no menus a plus i like the whole sanctuary thing in the game as you menu really. I also love the graphics, fable 2 graphics seemed kind of cartoony but Fable 3 does not in a way. Also like how shops are set up and the jobs in this one although the same as fable 2 are a little more easier in earning money fast. The weapons are cool i love how you can just upgrade them via guild coins(as in weapons i mean magic, guns, and swords/hammers/axes). However Fable 2 was pretty good with story, i loved the story in this to be honest i loved the story in this. And i wasn't disappointed with the end boss battle, i was with fable 2 end boss battle though that was stupid. To be honest Fable 3 is a great game i got it for 39.99 US dollars at gamestop and was worth every penny.   If you do get it make sure you make lots of money because you will need it for the end.  

fable 2 certainly has my vote for being better. this is still worth picking up but not at full price.

I wouldn't say Fable 3 is worse then Fable 2, Fable 2 is just better then Fable 3. I love all the fable games no matter what. Fable 3 has really great graphics well aside from the damn motion blur crap. only thing i don't like about Fable 3 is the legendary weapons why are there 50? I never really do CoOp with fable so being forced to do that annoys me a little. The story is good but not as great as Fable 1. Another thing about fable 3 that annoys me is for some reason people start hating  me more then in fable 2 which annoys me a lot and it is mostly Bowerstone Market i lowered the freaking prices even though i have like two or three shops still at high not highest but high, i swear im gonna kill them all. Anyway Fable 3 is a good buy so if you liked Fable 2 go for Fable 3. And if you haven't played Fable 1 shame on you as that is a great game, I just got Fable the lost chapters because it has been a long time since i played fable and i love it so much fun.


Edit: wow i didn't realize that i posted on here already. 

I think it's a matter of opinion, I enjoy Fable 3 but I, personally, liked all of the interactions & good/evil options better in 2.  I'd say it's still worth getting tho.  It seems too easy to beat really, seems the first one was the hardest of complete, the 2nd was a bit easier and the 3rd is rather easy.  I'd pick up a used copy of 3 or even rent it first and make sure it's 'your thing'.  

I do so wish that the character could have more good/evil options available.  Seems no matter how good or evil you are, it's all decided by the choices you make near the end of the game.  And no horns or flies if you're evil!  :(

fable 3 is good but it is not something i would play agian really

Old thread, whatev's. My opinion,I'm a fan of rpg's and enjoyed fable 1, fable 2 was kind of fun but too easy. Currently i'm playing F3 and imho it barely passes as an rpg. This game is way too easy, the quests are repetitive, the humour is obvious and unfunny. Cost me $20, so that's ok, but I couldn't recomend this title

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