Is this a known bug?

was playing on Dome doing pretty well got a predator while using it a guy was attacking me I got him with the predator.  When I finished with predator my screen was bloody (stayed that way for the rest of the game), people seemed unable to  kill me for the last minute or two of the game and I had to pick my primary weapon up again , also I was unable to use any kill streaks. first  thought  someone on my team had just gotten a moab or something I haven't seen one yet and my screen was a rusty color with the blood on it.  After the game I got messages calling me a hacker at first I thought it was just because I was smoking a few of them a lot then I got to thinking about the last min or two and all the weirdness.

The game is in my online vault, the most bottom one.

Anyone seen or heard of this? how do I contact Iw without twitter or facebook?


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The bug is called "Infinity Ward".  It's been plaguing this game for years.

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The bug is called "Infinity Ward".  It's been plaguing this game for years.




I haven't heard of this one yet OP. I'll be sure to check that video out when I get home, but that sound very strange. You should report it to @fourzerotwo on twitter, hopefully they'll take a look at it.

lol players will start dropping predators on them selves now