Is this a hack? Or a perk I have yet to get?

I was playing brotherhood last night and there was a level 50 on the other team who was un killable. I was playing manhunt and every time I had them as a target I would get about a medium distance away, I would then lock onto them and they would do a dead sprint right into me and stun me. I never even got the option to kill them.

So were they cheating? or is there some perk that makes you un killable ( I know about mute, but I know for sure it wasn't mute.)


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Sounds like he was using charge.  

^^ yeah sounds like Charge to me aswell. Was there white line coming of the back of him??

If a player Charges you there nothing you can do, it auto stun's you when the player makes contact. I also think Sprint can do this aswell.