Is this a connection issue?

I'll admit I'm not the best MW3 player but I'm still learning. Frequently I'll be running (not sprinting) around a corner and get the drop on someone (on my screen anyway) pump 10 rounds in them only to die...then on the kill cam it shows me walking around the corner, not shooting and getting lit up! So what the heck? Sometimes I'll be walking along and just die, kill cam plays and someone that never showed up on my screen walked right up and shot me. My kills are typically in the single digits but I think thats because I need to work on my aim and learn maps better. Anyway do you think the big problem is my internet speeds(definitely not blinding fast since I got the cheapest service lol)?



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No, I was serious. The amount of tragic, self-centered posts on the forums is unbelievable and it's getting tired.


You can't find a game with good connection. That's a fairly serious issue, assuming it's on their end, and I believe it is. You could be far more mature about it, however.


*** more.


Rage more.

Its the crap game. MW3 is a prime example of developers stuffing up potential with poor decisions and code.  I've got what you describe from day 1 and nothing has changed now.  Only now.. i can't even find any Australian game in the last 6 weeks.

its about time developers got held responsible for their actions.  I can fire up Quake 2 on my PC and find a server in minutes **and** have 50ms ping! And that's a 14 year old game.  Its been 12 months and i can't even play the game i paid good money for... and paid twice because i have to pay to play online on top of it!

FFS! Hurry up Sony and make the PS4 have decent party chat and a controller so i can toss this shyte!

^ this is definitely lag related, but not 100% that its your connection as this happens to everyone at one time or another.