Is this a buy?

I have never herd of this game, is it any good?

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it's like baldur's gate - top down view - but within the Halo universe.  I have fun with it.

I just picked the game up, it's a ton of fun so far. Love the top down view of the game.

Only thing I wished they would fix is to have co-op online for the campaign.  The co-op they have is brutally difficult.  No ramping up at all.  Just the flood and it is relentless.

This game is SO FUN!


Online co-op is tough but now i have 20K to spend on equipments and i think i can do it.

If i can find some good players (not like me, so)

I am a Halo fan but don't like this game.  It should have stayed on the Tablet, touch devices.  It's just not a console game in my opinion.

Now Need for Speed Rivals, that's a game

Honestly, I thought seeings how this is considered a twin stick shooter, like back in thed ays of SmashTV, Total Carnage, etc, I thought I was going to really like this game.  However, this might possibly be my biggest and 1st real disappointment out of a Halo game just when I thought not a single 1 could/would ever; It simply lacks narrative, though I guess I can kinda understand why being initially made for tablets.  sure, there's the mission briefing plot before you jump in, your AI buddies ask for help, but it really just doesn't do much a justice, really.

For $15 it's a fun little game.  If you're looking for a game to blow 1/2 hour on at a time this will do it.  It's not Halo, but then it's only $15 so I didn't expect that.

It's worth the money you pay for it. Especially atm because it is on sale on Xbox. I originally played it on windows when it first came out but just brought it for my 360 for the co-op mode.