Is there special abilities online? How would they work?

Like the title says, Is there special abilities?  Like can you ge tthe slow mo when shooting or driving like Michael and Franklin have?  How would it work?  If you're in a shootout they can't slow you down and not the other guy.  Is it possible, and anyone who has been on, have you saw anything regarding special ablities?


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Slowmo would not work unless everyone was slowed down also.  So you could deduce from that there won't be special abilities, at least not slowmo.  In F.E.A.R we had slowmo deathmatches and one person could pick up a slowmo power up, and what it did was slow everyone else down but made you move faster than them. And when you died, you would drop the slowmo booster for someone else to pick up.

Max Payne 3 had slow mo bullet time online..and not everyone was slowed down..

^I never played does that work?  It would seem like using slowmo without the others slowing down would put you at a disadvantage.