Is there somewhere that I can view how many mags and moves I have?

I don't think I know all of the ones that are gone so far!


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Magazines would be in your inventory. Your moves should be in your players stats. Its been a while so I cant tell you exactly where but its in the players stats somewhere. Should be around near your combo card collection.

Mags I always read then drop.

Luis A Piña III

Some are not important but some are. Gambleing books are useful in every play through for the million dollar poker match and the strip poker match at the safehouse. Melee books are always good and so is the extra PP for survivors including the porn book for extra PP for female survivors.

Now I know that the mags need to be kept in the inventory.  I'm just not sure if the combination of the Combat and Horror mags will give more PP for killing zombines.  I don't think if those mags will affect using the Laser Sword or Broadsword,  maybe the Blades mag will allow the use of those mags.

Luis A Piña III

I totally forgot about the blade mag. I like using the twins swords. With the book it makes the swords extra strong. I wish you could hold both at the same time.