is there cheating on this game or am i really bad?

i only got this game a few days ago,now i admit im not great at it but i was just doing some some of the challenge modes and i noticed some of the leaderboards have some really ridiculous times and scores.the number one guy has one of the predator levels completed in 30 seconds? and scores over 100,000 on others,how is this possible?the level he did the 30 seconds on has 9 guards all armed its not there cheating on the leaderboards that i dont know about?


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Stop being so paranoid, people. Some of the gamers on that game are just AWESOME. If you search on YouTube, you will find some really insane times for each predator level. Like this one on Silent Night.



There's another thread here, by Lord BaneJ, where there's an in depth breakdown of the scoring system and I can see now why some of those scores are so high, check it out...:-)

its not possible to kill 9 guards all armed by stealth or any other method in 30 seconds,theres definatley cheating going on.

its disturbing that so many games are being hacked in some way this is what you expect from playstation not xbox

I've wondered about some of those scores as well, but maybe some people who've worked on the game know exactly where to go can streamline in 30 seconds, it does make you wonder though.  I'm sure the leaderboards need to be tested out just like everything else, and perhaps someone sets the bar really high before the game even hits the streets.

A lot of score are fakes made by the game's makers. Many times u see a person and it say's they haven't played the game. If that score board gets reset then it was hacked if not then the devlopers put the score in as fakes so no one can really brag or they scored them while testing the game.