is there any promblems with the newest 1.3 patch?

just want to be sure there is no problem's with the 1.3 patch before i download it.


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Some people are reporting they don't have Quest Arrows show up sometimes. Myself, I've had very few problems with any Update (Including 1.2).

I have not had any new issues yet.

No new issues but I am still having the texture bug at random times. Also, my book case in my homes still do not work - I was able to put books on them once but now I can't access it nor the individual books on there.

Some quests that did not glitch on me my first playthrough are now glitching.  Most notably "House of Horrors", the Vigilant would not move or do anything.  Since I already knew what the quest progression was I just killed him, the quest advanced but I was then locked inside the house with no way out.  I had a save from before I entered, but everytime I tried the same thing happened.  I was able to export the game and fix it with the PC console.  Other quest glitches were minor, but annoying (such as NPCs repeating dialogue over and over or exiting out of conversations before delivering the required script to advance the quest).

My character failed to absorb a dragon soul a few minutes after patching to 1.3 - hoping that was just a one-time glitch.  Never had the backwards-flying dragons or other issues that some had with 1.2.

Nothing for me so far and there shouldn't be any (I hope).

I am having quest arrows disappear sometimes.  Also have a quest arrow above my Jarl in whiterun and cant activate anything with him now.   That wasnt happening until the 1.3 patch.   Everything else seems fine.  To fix the quest arrows I usually try to warp to a different city and come back. Sometimes that helps.   But if you dont have most of the major cities memorized, the 1.3 quest arrow bug can be a pain.  So I would wait until the 1.4 patch that fixes the 1.3 patch. lol

I was swimming in mid air about 30ft above water, then fell out of the invisible water and landed back on the coast.

I played for about 3 hours Friday night, and didn't experience anything wacky.  Fought 1 dragon with no problems and did a few Thieves Guild quests.