Is there a way??

To Mute a player while already playing in the game??I know you can mute players in the game lobby,but i couldnt figure out how to do it while in the game.It seems there alot of peeps out there that think we like to listen to there music,and 90% of the time its all static or muffled and sounds like crap.Why do people do this?Nothing like trying to hear whats going on around you and all of a sudden we get music blairing threw the headsets.When the match started i looked around the settings to mute him,but couldnt find it.Thanks for the help.

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Push the select button, back button, button left of start, whatever you wanna call it and it'll show the players you're playing against as your playing against them if that makes sense. Yes, you can toggle mute from that. I'm a pro at killing and muting people at the same time.

And I'm assuming since you didn't know that. If you ever play search and destroy, or sabbotage over time, you can press select as well and see how many players are alive on the enemy team. I'll just throw that out there. Your avatar looks like a bum.

Pull up the scores during the game, highlight their name, toggle mute.

You can also mute a player by going to their gamer card via the Guide button on your controller, select 'friends' then scroll right over to recent players. From there you can select the player you wish to mute.

The above mentioned method, that mitchell and ladyeh provided, is by far the quickest, but it only mutes the player for that title. If you want to permanently mute the player (if you run into them in other titles) then the method I listed is the one you would use.

Either method gets the job done though

Thanks 4 the helpful info.TY for the comment on my Avatar lol.

    I think this is a tactic for a lot of people:

Be annoying as possible .......  your enemy is at a disadvantage while aiming through the scoreboard.