Is there a way to make Vacant Titles Defendable in WWE 2K 14?

Is there a way to make Vacant Titles Defendable in WWE 2K 14? I know how to put the title on the Superstar but I can't defend it for some reason? I dunno why? What's the point of having a title if I can't defend it?


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youll either need to assign that title to a show, or go into and create a custom match and choose title match and you choose that belt you have on whoever...

How do I assign a title to a show exactly? Cause I want it to be apart of Universe Mode.

go to your calendar, and click on the show like Raw,,  to edit it, in there you can change the titles for that show... now you already need to have the new belt you want on a superstar... you can then assign like the old school wwe title, wcw title or whatever to your show, and it will now be the major or minor title for that show.

Ok got it just 1 last thing when I assign that title to a show like I wanna make the NXT Title active I would put it on Superstars Show I guess will I lose my ability to defend my U.S and I.C Titles since it's like a major Title for a small show.

You wont be able to put it on Superstars, unless you change superstars and make it a major show, you cant put any titles on minor shows.

How would I make it a major show without losing Raw or Smackdown?

You wont lose Smackdown or Raw, you can have up to 6 major shows and 4 ppvs a month, youll have to spread your roster around though for having 3 major shows if you do that.....

Wonderful thanks for the info.

You need To Assign The Championship To A Show First