Is there a way to get back to that first race with the McLaren P1?

I guess I didn't quite go fast enough to unlock the achievement and I'm a LONG ways off from actually buying one!  :)

Just wondering if there's a way to go back to that starting race.


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Wait, maybe not achievement but rather "Challenge."

I don't think you can go back to that race. You'll need to save up credits to buy the P1, get one gifted by being at level 5 on Forza Rewards. Once you've got one in your garbage - just take it out for a test drive (245 is easy on the straight at LeMans). You also might be able to find a rivals event that uses the P1 if you don't want to save up to buy it.

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Once you've got one in your garbage


Now may not like the car, but there's no need to be rash and go chucking it in the trash! :P

LOL... Nice catch! ;-P


P1 definitely isn't a "garbage" car. I was lucky enough to get one gifted to me via Forza Rewards and it's a beast to drive!!!

I did drive one in a Rivals challenge, but it didn't unlock for me.  :(

Oh, well.

I thought I saw an option someplace in the game to go back and play the intro... Am getting on to play later and will check and if I see it I will post.