Is there a way to filter the ticket count?

I dont mind the 250 tickets and even 500.  But dang some of those over 1,000 tickets can be a bit long.   I dont see any way to tell unless you join that server.


Also if we leave during a game do we lose all of our kills, points, and bonuses that we earned during that round??  I thought if you left early you lose everything but someone told me you dont. 


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No way to filter, you don't lose anything, you keep it. :) Oh and it doesn't count as a loss... just a quit, just learn't that yesterday.

Ok about the tickets and very cool about not losing anything from leaving. Thats actually great news.  Now I guess I wont worry so much about joining maps that have 1,000 tickets.  If I can play for an hour, leave and not lose anthing then thats awesome.  Thank you.