Is there a status page for game servers? Old and new.


I was looking at picking a few old games up but I am unsure if there are still the MP servers available for them.  Is there a place which lists if servers are active?

Wondering if The Darkness, Prey, Dark Sector, Crackdown and Red Faction are still up and going?


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If the games run off dedicated servers then check the developers main page, they usually have them on there. I do not know if the first three you listed are on dedicated servers but Crackdown and Red Faction (Assuming Guerrilla) do not run off dedicated servers so the only issue you would have playing those older games is finding matches as the online populations on those games are very very low.

The Darkness is still up and running.

Thanks for the replies.

Maybe an idea for a developer to start? :-)

Xbox needs to have a page or something here so we can see the games that have active servers, at the very least the ones that Microsoft endorses. But i guess running servers isn't free so they probably spent as much as they wanted on the game. Maybe someday theyll be private servers like i heard they do for Dreamcast and PS2.