Is there a Spotting blocker?

Last night I played an entire game of Conquest and I could NOT spot anyone. It started with a helicopter so I thought the pilot might of had some kind of blocker for being spotted? Or is this just a glitch?


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sounds like a glitch, i had that happen when i  was playing co-op and it wouldnt let me spot anyone, quit, loaded back up and it let me spot.  now if its hardcore it only shows on the mini map.

Try not to spam the back button as it won't register, if you're having trouble spotting wait a 15-20 seconds then try again. I think it was put in to stop people just continually hitting back and spotting people by luck (which you can still do, but it isn't as effective now).

Yea I know how to spot. I just read on the Battlelog forums that this is a known glitch.