Is there a message limit, if so I can't understand it

Hello. Yesterday, I've met some people in the Microsoft Bingo game and then we started talking through Xbox Live. Good conversations, then I couldn't text back to them. I thought it was an error on Smartglass, so I restarted the app but it wouldn't let me send messages to anybody (even on my friends list). I've tried the website, same thing, can't send messages. 

Is there a limit? If so, what is it? I thought it applied to texting people outside your friends list.


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I treid Xbox 360, but I can't send messages there either. It's not a communication suspension (thankfully) but I can't send messages to anybody. Is anybody else experiencing it? I may also post this to Xbox Support too.

Have you tried messaging people beyond those you met yesterday? It sounds like they blocked communications with you. Judging by your bio I guess it's happened before? Just maybe, invite to talk over mic and get to know the people who accept, or keep your text messages to a minimum.

Unless the people you're meeting have infinite patience... it can start to annoy, when you want to play a game, and you have to keep going to the guide to compose text messages to respond to somebody who... keeps sending messages. Ka-plink. Ka-plink. Not as annoying on the One with snap messaging, but still... it can start to grate on a gamer trying to game.

I just sent messages from profiles 360 to 360. One to One, and 360 to One, One to 360. It's working fine. S'not a service problem. =)

Yes. I tried friends too. They're still on my list and I can't message through Xbox, or Xbox Smartglass to anybody. It's everybody, it wasn;t that situation. (but it has happened before, another story tho).

Try to send me a message. =)

There are no Service Alerts for your region over at  Xbox Live Status [clicky].

I just sent messages via SmartGlass too. It's all working my end. Very strange.

Do you get any error messages or anything, what happens when it fails to send? Does it just go into the ether and nobody is responding, or does it not even send at all and you're stuck on the compose message screen with your message staring at you?

There is a 24 hour block policy to prevent spam. Perhaps you reached the limit in terms of the amount of time between messages sent, or number of messages sent, or both. Apparently this block doesn't affect your status/record over at:

... and normal communication functions return after that 24 hour period - with no notification too. I suppose using SmartGlass to send messages is so quick and easy you might have gone a lil wild with it. =) S'all I got. Wait it out for 24 hours. {XD

I think, because the OP is a Silver member, there is a message limit to prevent bots from creating accounts and spamming people a ton of messages.

I remember that restriction earlier where you couldn't send messages at all as Silver. Would it be different if I was Gold, I've never noticed. It worked, then turned off again. It seems weird that it's happening now.

If that restriction were lifted the advertisers would be all over this place.  Think of XBL being a type of fortress and outside the castle walls is an ocean of advertisers just itching to reach us in the most annoying and repetitive way possible.  They try so hard to get to us and once in a while one particularly annoying one will get through and spam us as much as possible for hours on end because the mods are busy closing perfectly good threads by regulars that break the strict rule against discussing something other than Xbox related topics.

Ah Silver account restrictions. That makes sense. At least the temporary block didn't come from being reported, and it hasn't impacted your record/standing. Silver lining.

Heh... silver lining... see what I did there? *beaming grin* Ahem...

... I have a 14 day Gold code for Xbox One if you want it OP. =)

*rimshot* Nice joke. If you want, thanks. =) I asked her to be a Facebook friend as this messaging thing started when I started talking to her. Wasn't spamming, usually 1 or 2 at a time and she'd reply. For future reference ... yeah, that's a given.

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