is there a easy way to beat beast mode on insane without failing?

i just don't see how this can be done. i have tried.  if i can do this and beat arcade on insane, i will pretty much have seriously 3.0.  it will just be a matter of time getting the rest of the onyx medals. i know i can get arcade on insane. beast mode on insane without failing is the only thing hindering me on this. is there a way people are doing this on insane without failing? if so, what are they doing exactly?


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I really hate this requirement to unlock Sav Theron ...completing it 4 times or 1 (insane)  on casual, normal, hard , insane is ok  but without failing is ridiculous. The only way to unlock it is via Online ...Local is impossible without failing.

It's not that difficult to do it on insane after a practice run or two. What's hard is the teamwork aspect of it. Communication trumps skill when going for this one.

Some tips:

-Play on checkout. It's small, and there's lots of cover to mantle over barriers. There is also high cover for kantus and boomers in later rounds.

-Rounds 2-11 all have hero characters and should be farmed using this method: Kill all other targets but one or two heroes. Down the heroes, as they don't bleed out; They stand up and then you down them again. Savage drones can down them quickly with their retro, so they stay on the target (mark it) while everyone else goes around as a wild ticker destroying barriers. If someone dies during this time don't have them respawn. 

-Early rounds should be a savage drone (or two) and the rest wild tickers. Middle rounds kantus and two boomers or two savage drones (or a mix). The kantus stands in the spawn behind cover and just heals the team (massive points). 

-Do not go past the half way point (or even the 1/3rd point) on the map in rounds until most of the enemies are gone; They will come to you, even going so far as to spawn rush you.

-Wild tickers are immune to auto-turrets.

-Execute the last hereo. It earns more cash, and if a savage drone player doesn't have the retro execution, it can buy more time doing the repeated arm rip.

-Troikas and silverbacks are brutal, as are baird and cole. Boomers can take care of most of these easily.

-Again, communication. Tell your teammates when there's a silverback, when you need healing, mark enemies, etc. 

I finally beat insane yesterday, took us a few tries and about 2 hours. I think you need 5 people with no randoms and everyone has a mic. Stay in tight groups, you will need eachother to finish of kills or revive falling teammates

Use the checkout map, there is no hammer of dawn or mortor shells fling at you

The first few waves have most of the team be wild tickers eating barriers while the other 2 are savage drones

   Have the drones advance slow behind the tickers, the enemy will come to you so no need to rush it

Never kill the last hero while there are still things to destroy, just have someone put them down as they get up

As people can afford it have some be the Kantus and move on to the sentapeed (not sure if thats spelled right)

 I see some people like the boomer, I found them to slow and big target; the Kantus smoke granade will force people to

  leave the troikas and the silverback. The choice of what to become dependis alot on your play style

With a mix of tickers and sentapeeds the las few waves are not that hard.

I am up for earning it again, let me know and I will see if any of the guys I earned it with are up to it

hehe! me and my good friends have a record in "trenches" 9 minutes we completed without a easy if u work as a team and choose the right beasts.BTW beating insane unlocks all difficulty complete plus an ONYX MEDAL.

^^ 9 minutes, dam you are beast. I think my best times on normal are like 11 min

just get a kantus and spam heal you're team. then just get a beserker and a boomer to down the guys with oneshot and turrets.

My second try on insane was all i needed.easytoget with people who talk and work as a team

i just finished it twice on trenches, no mics, just random ppl, first time with 5-ppl, second time with 4-ppl. i

i ran with tickers till like round 7, then i switched it to wild tickers to destroy guns while my team destroyed everything else. i noticed that tickers are great in the beggining as well as wretchs, then boomers, as long as u keep cover u could bring the enemies down while ur team of wretches bring them down. it was easy, but imo u should at least have 4 ppl.

How did you play with random people on Insane Mode?

I really need to do this sometime. I seriously suck at beast mode.

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