is their a clan out their which is actually passionate about their members and passionate about gaming?

hey i was wondering i see most of these clans looking to meet new people and they sign up and play together where people also like to take the game serious as competitive level.. or clans/communities may just want load of members to become known overall with sponsors!

but what i want to know is their actually a clan out their where they are passionate about gaming overall and passionate about their members ? and where i mean passionate over members where they have great quality members over quantity and who loves to game and are passionate about gaming :)?

if so list of clans which are passionate about their members and passionate about gaming overall?


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Well I can tell you for a fact that I am looking for folks that like competition but also work as a team. I need a co-leader to run it if you are up for the job you can do it.


honestly i was in the same position as you where i was also looking for passionate gamers! and let me tell you i had no luck. if your interested i did start a gaming community where i can promise you we are definately passionate about gaming. IF your interested please send me a message and i can forward you a link to our webpage as well =)

Honestly there aren't many. I would strongly urge you to join our clan though. you know how we separate ourselves from others? We've won 4 championships on XBOX COD, been in existence for 5 years this September 14th. I think that says it all. Longevity. All these clans just start a week ago or starting right now. What guarantees them that they are going to be around next month?

5 years isn't an easy task. I'm one of the Founders and Leaders. We've been successful on PS3, XBOX and PC. Not because of our great website, or name or anything else but people putting in the time to hear out members, work for members and work together most importantly. Be competitive, have fun be a team. Think about LONG TERM. Not short term goals and then break up like most of these teams do.

I hope you appreciate I didn't reply with a two sentence briefing and a website for you to run to. We care about people. If you don't gel with us and us with you, your not going to be in the clan for long. If you play hardcore and look to be pretty good because you work as a team with others then Divine KNights is the place for you.

Let me know, you can add me up or go straight to our site! If you don't play hardcore sorry then it might be difficult to join our clan! I await your word and good luck with whatever community you find!